Fun fact: These are all the “same” page re-drawn mere days apart (shown here in chronological order).

Moral: Don’t be afraid to start again, redo or change things when it comes to your art. Whether you’re a master, an amateur or somewhere in-between (like me).

Joel Gaylard - Studio Despotamus

(I hope to share more of this comic … eventually)




So it’s true I probably get into video games a little too much, but after seeing the apparent final roster for Mario Kart 8 I was left very annoyed.

Although I am one of those people holding out hope for more SECRET-secret characters (c’mon 40 characters!) or DLC characters (much like Mario Golf: World Tour) … I made these JUST IN CASE it really is true and the roster stays like this …

Feel free to repost or distribute however you see fit.

(Birdo is my main racer - so pretty mad at you Nintendo! And I know posting stuff like this won’t get anything done, but here it is anyway!!)

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Letter Complete.

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